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Charles W. Paddock

1900 - 1943




Colliers Magazine reprint -- drawing of Charley Paddock from Wide World photograph by C. M. Sexton

Olympic Champion (1920 & 1924), Charley Paddock, was the first man to be coined as "The Fastest Human;" and also may have been the first man in Olympic History to be  allegedly used and abused by the A. A. U. and U. S. A. Olympic Committee.


Charley Paddock was an outstanding athlete -- whose sprinting style was never duplicated as he alone knew how and when to swiftly take off in flight through the air to a successful 1st place finish.


Paddock loved traveling the world, and became a sports writer for both the Long Beach Press-Telegram, and the Pasadena Star-News in California. 


When WWII broke out (1941), Paddock joined the U. S. Marines and became a captain for the Pacific Department.  He was killed in an air crash near Sitka, Alaska on July 23, 1943.



Olympics 1920, Antwerp:

Olympic Gold in the 100M (10.8s)

Olympic Silver in the 200M (22.1)


Olympics 1924, Paris:  

100 M (placed 5th)

Olympic Silver in the 200M (21.7s)

Olympic Gold - 400M Relay


World Record -- 1921 - 100M (10 2/5s)

World Record -- 200M - 21.00




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Thanks so much for the work done on this site. I came here looking for information on Charles William Paddock and didn't go away disappointed! I also now know more about Frank W. Thanks!





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