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1928 - 1936





Dorothy Poynton Hill

America's High Dive Sweetheart - 1928, 1932, & 1936
written by:  Terri Wykoff

1932 Olympics at Long Beach - 18 year old, Dorothy Poynton - Photo Credits:Photo above from a book written in German - "Olympia 1932"    publisher REEMTSMA CIGARETTENFABRIKEN; Altona-Bahrenfeld

Dorothy Poynton, was known as the "diving marvel" from Pasadena, California -- who at age 14 not only was accepted as a member of the 1928 USA Olympic team -- her outstanding diving skills earned her a silver medal at Amsterdam..

By the time she turned 18 (1932), she developed her own unique style -- not only on the diving board, but in her mannerisms.  Young Poynton was again accepted as a member of the USA Olympic team.

After she won her first Olympic Gold Medal in the High Dive competition at Los Angeles in 1932, she refused to allow any photographer to capture her image  wearing the official USA Olympic swim suit on.  She made reporters wait as she changed into her glamorous self.  She then appeared before them featuring a fancy flowered bandana, a white lined bathing suit adorned with a beautiful corsage,  and a pair of white strapped pumps.

1936 Medalist at Berlin --  High Dive - Right to Left:  Dorothy Poynton Hill (USA) - Gold; Velma Dunn (USA) - Silver; and Kat Kohler (Germany) - Bronze --Page 76 - Olympia 1936; Publisher:  Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld

By the time the 1936 Olympic try-outs rolled around, Dorothy was 22 years old and also a married lady. Fredrick Graham, who was the sports Columnist at the Glendale Press implied in print that High Diving 1932 Olympic Gold Medalist,  Dorothy Poynton HILL -- was "over the hill" and had no chance of making the 1936 U.S.A. Olympic Team.  Of course, Graham had to publish a retraction after she called him on the phone in a fury. She not only made the U.S.A. Olympic team, she expected to win another Gold Medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin -- and successfully accomplished her goal to prove that she was the best High Diver in the entire world.. 

Photo Credits - Dorothy Poynton Hill 1932 - Los Angeles: "Olympia 1932" publisher REEMTSMA CIGARETTENFABRIKEN; Altona-Bahrenfeld.

Photo Credits - Dorothy Poynton Hill (USA Gold); Velma Dunn (USA - Silver); Kat Kohler (Germany - Bronze) Page 76 - Olympia 1936; Publisher:  Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld.

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