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Frank Wykoff inducted into the USA Olympic Hall of Fame 1984

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1928 - 1936






David Wykoff, is photographed at that Amateur Athletic Foundation chit chatting with Louis Zamperini, who ran the 5000 meter race at the 1936 Olympics, and later was a POW in Japan during WWII.



 "Pose For This Photograph ...

As If You Are Both Chit-Chatting!"


Louis Zamperini to the left, chit chats for a photo shoot with David Wykoff, son of Frank Wykoff at the Amateur Athletic Foundation in Los Angeles - date unclear - possibly 1984.

photo credits:  Amateur Athletic Foundation - Los Angeles (1984?)

Left to right:  Louis Zamperini - David Wykoff at the Amateur Athletic Foundation


Louis Zamperini

After the "Who Are You" courtesies  ... David Wykoff, son of Frank Wykoff, discovered that the man he was standing next to was the man -- who, as his dad, represented the U.S.A. in the 1936 Olympics; and  who also wrote a book that his dad brought home one day insisting that Dave read.


The man in the above photograph is  Louis Zamperini, and his book entitled ..."Devil At My Heels;" was a book that Dave read from beginning to end in total awe that anyone outside of actors in Hollywood  could possibly survive the ordeals that Mr. Zamperini experienced as a P. O. W. during WWII  in Japan in reality, and returned home safely to write a book about it.


Mr. Zamperini had to go to others for photo shoots, so their conversation was short and limited, but he kept that photograph tucked away until today (1-01-04) -- when he showed it to me after Mr. Zamperini appeared on the T. V. during the Rose Parade in Los Angeles.





There is an excellent biographical story on the life of Louis Zamperini entitled "Not Yet Ready for His Last Mile" written by Ira Berkow on the internet -- dated February 14, 2003.


An eight (8) page biographical story can also be found at:



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