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Frank Wykoff inducted into the USA Olympic Hall of Fame 1984

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1928 - 1936





Kenny Washington - UCLA Football Great! 1970 El Gordo Newsletter article headlined ... "Down Memory Lane" highlighted the physical plight of Kenny Washington -- who was suffering from a muscular disease, and also spotlighted Frank Wykoff's athletic achievements.

Reprint of an El Gordo Newsletter - May 1970


Olympics 1936 - Berlin - shivering and covered in blankets left to right - Frank Wykoff, USA; Paul Hanni, Switzerland; Ralph Metcalfe, USA; and Jesse Owens, USA

Blurb under the photograph

BERLIN, 1936 -- Frank Wykoff, left is pictured with Paul Hanni of Switzerland and his own USA teammates, Ralph Metcalfe and Jesse Owens, before they went to their marks in the sprint 400-meter relay.  With Wykoff running anchor, Owens was leadoff, Metcalfe second and the late (Foy) Draper, third, the Americans broke the then existing world's and Olympic Games record on a cold Berlin afternoon in 39.8s.  The old mark (world's and Olympic) was 40.0s and established by another U. S. quartet in the 1932 Games in Los Angeles (that was also anchored by Frank Wykoff).



Remember Frank Wykoff, the kid with the huge "G" for Glendale Broadway High on his chest, who is one of the few American athletes to make the United States Olympic Games team while still in high school?  Wykoff and his wife are regulars at El Gordo.  After his prep days, he starred for USC and made the Olympic team three times - 1928 at Amsterdam, 1932 at Los Angles and 1936 at Berlin.

Today, Wykoff is a superintendent of the Los Angles County School For Juvenile Delinquency and handles more that 26,00 delinquents per year.  He looks as if he could still run a hundred in 9.2s.  The Wykoff's have two children, a boy and a girl, and are grandparents five times.  Hats off to a great champion and an All-American man-- Frank Wykoff.

We all remember Kenny Washington, the all-time football great at UCLA.  Who can ever forget that long completed pass -- 62 yards in the air from Washington to Hal Hirshon in the 1937 Big game against USC in the Coliseum.  The entire play was good for 72 yards!  He played for the Bruins during the 1937-38-39 seasons, and is an All-American in anybody's book.

Today, Washington is fighting for his life on the campus of his alma mater, the UCLA Medical Center, with a muscular disease.  He is a credit to our way of living, always giving the best he had, asking nothing in return and doing his bit to make this world a better place in which to live.

After his collegiate days, Washington played pro ball and then was a member of the Los Angles Police Dept.  He recently represented a fine Scotch line.

A not to Kenny would be welcome.  It should be sent to the UCLA Medical Center, Room 9126, Los Angeles, CA.





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